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Our approach and expertise focus on finding the perfect balance between our client needs and the delivery of outstanding design. 

We like to think out of the box and push the boundaries of possibilities in order to achieve compelling results.

Design is an expression of oneself while coherent and meaningful consideration allow the creation of beautiful spaces in respect to the given constrains


Design Services

The stages for realisation of a build project are many and each requires a set of clear and coherent information.

Squareplus offers reliable, professional and friendly service. We are proud of our client response as they have always felt secure and looked after. 

We are architects and provide professional and reliable services within all stages of design and construction. Our bespoke approach offers clear, efficient and comprehensive results.

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We believe that a house becomes a home when it is personalised.

Your space should show your personality and taste​, it should be designed around your life style and should be evocative to yourself and other who use it. 

Our focus is on residential development but our expertise allow us also to work on commercial and industrial projects.


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